The History of Wilton Circle Press
From Robin P. Williams

It's a short history. 

About thirty years ago, I was teaching Macintosh computer classes at Santa Rosa Junior College. I had an AA degree from that college, but they wouldn't hire me full-time because I didn't have a degree in computer science. My classes were overflowing and had waiting lists, but I “wasn't qualified.” 

While teaching “Intro the Mac” classes, I wrote a book for people who wanted to learn to use their computers. Ten publishers turned me down because I “wasn't qualified” to write this book. So in 1989 I borrowed money from my mother and published it myself—The Little Mac Book. And then I self-published a small book called The Mac is not a typewriter

Through my timorous marketing efforts, Peachpit Press found out about the books and offered to publish them. Peachpit was new— they had only three books on their list at the time. But we trusted each other, they believed in me, and my first two self-published books have now sold over two million copies and are in more than twenty languages. I have written, designed, produced, and indexed more than sixty books for Peachpit Press now, and The Little Mac Book is still a best-seller. And Peachpit grew into one of the most important computer book publishers in the world.

About 1999 I started researching this Shakespeare authorship thing and discovered enough unreported connections to create an interesting book. But once again, no one would publish me. Four agents turned me down because I “wasn't qualified.” One NY agent who offered to take it on just didn’t quite know what to do with it—for a year and a half. I approached two small presses with the possibility of doing a cooperative venture because I have a lot to bring to the table, but neither quite grasped the concept of “cooperative.” 

Once again (said the Little Red Hen), I had to self-publish. So I started Wilton Circle Press, a name based on the most important literary circle in the history of the English language. In the final stages of putting the book together (in-between computer books), just weeks before I was going to print the book and clean out the garage so I could store them, Peachpit Press (bless their hearts) offered to turn Wilton Circle Press into an imprint of theirs. 

That’s why there’s only one book on this site so far. I have a list of books I can’t wait to create under this imprint.   ;-)